podcast: the real deal inside the fur industry

I am pretty excited about how our little Fashion Hags Podcast is doing and I’m especially happy with our most recent episode about the Fur Industry.

(You can listen to it here: EPISODE 25 / RSS FEED: http://fashionhags.libsyn.com/rss)

We have wanted to do a podcast about this topic for some time and it is a big part of the Canadian fashion landscape (and history – Canada was born out of the fur trade) as well as a part of Evan’s personal history. It was important for us to get it right as it is such a controversial issue so we asked the help of our former teacher and fur expert, Alexandra Suhner Isenberg to help us out. And you know what? I really think we nailed it.


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bag love: market canvas

While I am hesitant to use the phrase “back to school” regarding to this time of year, I am going to anyway. But only as it pertains to the shopping-happy people of my tribe who are desperate for new Fall items that aren’t “statement furs” or “velvet everything” as everything seems to be this season.

I always want need a new bag for school/work/end of summer/various other reasons so I am keen to direct your attention away from the “back to school” sales at, well, basically everywhere, to a little company based in Tofino that makes the most amazing, simple, classic, quality leather bags this side of whatever side you are on.


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where have I been?

Oh hey Suite readers, it’s been some time since I’ve been around! So sorry, gang.

The last few months have been pretty wild – for example, I eloped in Vegas at the end of February during a month-long trip through the western US – and I have been focussing more on the Fashion Hags Podcast which has been a total blast. (PS – if you want to hear about the wedding and the elopement, listen to Episode 11!)


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bye bye 2015! the year of the Hag.

Bye bye 2015, it’s been a real slice. I must say though, I’m pretty excited about 2016 and all the adventures I’m laying out.

Especially podcasting adventures. You can listen to Episode 5 of the Fashion Hags Podcast right now on iTunes (or wherever you get ’em) and follow along on the blog here.

Thanks one million times for all the kind words and support Abby and Evan and myself have received. It feels pretty effing rad to do this little fun thing and see that people seem to enjoy it. So thanks.


Have a great NYE and see you in 2016!




tomorrow! episode 2; fashion hags podcast

We are not just a flash in the pan!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Episode 2 of the Fashion Hags Podcast where we chat about the inclusivity of ladies and gays in the Fashion Industry. Also shoes because obviously.

And thanks to the Metro for a mention in yesterday’s paper! We are officially a thing!


Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and check out the Fashion Hags Podcast Blog for all the links, images, and streaming.



please don’t; ugly christmas sweaters

Our hangovers from Halloween have barely faded and we are already being inundated with Christmas ads, sales, promotions, and products. (Can it at least wait until after Remembrance Day? Have we no respect? I digress.)

But today while scrolling social media I saw a bunch of ads right after another for a troubling and wasteful trend that has gained momentum in the last few years that really bugs me: Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

don't look this up

I have a few questions about the biology involved here (not to mention what happened to their legs?)

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fashion hags podcast; now on iTunes

andre everything right

Great news!

The Fashion Hags Podcast is now live on iTunes!

Now you can subscribe and carry us around in your pocket all day long. We’ll help make your shitty morning commute that much less unbearable.

Thanks for such a warm response and feel good vibes on the release; we hope you’ll stick around for the next episodes and help keep this thing afloat!