Fashion Hags Podcast Released!

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The Fashion Hags Podcast is now available at the Fashion Hags Blog!

We are still waiting on iTunes to approve the subscription but I’ll let you know as soon as it is available. Until then, follow the link on the blog or input the RSS link into your podcast app and join the conversation!



big news: the fashion hags podcast

Stay tuned this week for the launch of a very exciting project I’ve been working on with two of my great friends from Fashion school, Evan Ducharme and Abby Shumka: The Fashion Hags Podcast!

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After talking about starting our own podcast for well over a year, we finally got our asses in gear and just did it. It will be an informed yet sarcastic and swear-filled look at the craziness of the Fashion Industry and why we love it so much.

Follow along on the official Fashion Hags Podcast Blog for episode information and recaps, links, topics, current obsessions, and other fun stuff to keep your ears and eyes happy. We are also on Facebook, Instagram (@fashionhagspodcast), and twitter (@fashionhagspod) so stay social with us and follow along.

Stay tuned for the release and remember, keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.


super rad; design judge

When I was a teenager my sister made a collage on her wall and it was gigantic. She cut out ads and pictures and whatever from magazines and literally lined the entire wall with it. It was enormous; she attached new cut-outs to itself and not to the wall so the whole thing could be removed in one piece. She had it for years.

I never really liked it that much because it was just too much – there was too much to look at and it was too disorganized and I’m too symmetrical and need right angles so desperately that it was more than I could handle.

My friend Sarah Judge makes collages that don’t make me crazy. In fact, they make me smile. Not just because there are boobies involved. (But there are boobies involved and who doesn’t like seeing boobies sometimes? No one.)


They are wonderfully composed works of art and I always think I have a favourite until I look again and find another one I love. They are likeable and tongue-in-cheek, somehow not just for the boys, even though much of the content comes from mens’ magazines (as well as a pretty impressive collection of National Geographics).

I highly suggest taking a look at her archive at and her instagram (@mizzjudge) for more of her great work. (PS – they don’t all have boobies.) 




Keep an eye out for her work at shows/events around Vancouver and if you want to purchase one of her pieces, you can reach out from her website here.
They are a great way to make your Grandma uncomfortable at Christmas or any family event, really.

Support local art and boobies!


new look, same place

I’m feeling a bit more grown up these days so I updated the look of the Suite to match my maturing sensibilities.
As in, after 5 beers, I now prefer a bourbon or scotch to a tequila shot. You know what I mean.

Anyway, what you do think?

ps- you might recognize Alyssa from the photoshoot I did a couple years back…
pps- some exciting news coming soon…

in transit; coastal getaway

Oh hey gang, it’s been a while. And even longer since I put up some photos. So I’m going to.

Last weekend I went up the Sunshine Coast with my handsome manfriend for a getaway after what has been a pretty effed up summer. Technically it was for my birthday but I would rather set a precedent of just getting the hell out of town for no real reason in particular without putting an actual event. Make the getaway the event, not the other way around.

Anyway, it was gorgeous and we had a great time and I suggest you try it.

(also I got a pretty rad new camera for my birthday and I took a pile of photos I haven’t gone through yet so this might not be the end of it. These are not them.)



IMG_6869 IMG_6876


You should go to this place. Sunshine Coast. It’s very easy and very beautiful. Turns out it is not just a clever name.


the least I could do; the parent pack

You’re welcome, everyone.

You’ll never have to worry about buying cards for your parents again.
Well, this year, anyways.

Because I created something magical that will cover your ass for a whole year when it comes to giving cards to your parents: introducing The Parent Pack from The Least I Could Do.


This 5-card pack features a year’s worth of parent-related cards:
2 birthday cards (one for each parent)
1 Mother’s Day card (for Mom)
1 Father’s Day card (for Dad)
1 Christmas card (because they can probably share. if not, order an additional single one so they don’t have to fight over it. There’s already enough arguments at Christmas.)

Each card is hand-typed on my sweet sweet Commodore Typewriter on recycled Kraft Paper and includes an envelope to mail them (or just hand them over, I don’t care).

If you have two Moms or two Dads, please feel free to ask for a switcheroo and I’ll happily oblige. That’s kind of how I roll. In that I don’t actually make these things until you order them, so I can certainly help out. I’ll even throw a swear word in there if you want. But don’t swear at your parents, it’s not very nice.

Check out the rest of the card line-up at The Least I Could Do etsy page and let me know if there are any cards missing that you are after. I may or may not be able to help.


the least I could do; birthday pack

In case you missed it, I just opened an etsy shop selling handmade cards!
Handmade by me!
I made them!
By hand!

it’s called the least I could do and it is your new alternative to the common card.

Anyway, I just updated some shipping issues that allow you to buy in multiples without having to pay full shipping charges on each purchase which will save you $$$. So that’s nice.

But, more importantly, I added a new listing: the happy birthday favourites five pack.

birthday pack

This set of five birthday cards will cover your bases for 4 birthdays you remember and 1 that you will surely forget. It is a total deal to buy the set as it’s only $25.00 for five rather than $5.25 each.

It’s just good economics.

Please check out the shop and let me know what you think. Read the descriptions so you know what you are getting into and I’m welcome to feedback (I’m pretty new to this).

It’s the least you could do.


the least I could do; handmade cards

Great news, everyone!

the least I could do shop is officially open!

redbird blog LOGO_stampThis is a collection of handmade cards by yours truly and I am very excited to get it going. They are all hand-typed on a rad old Commodore Typewriter and are snide, sarcastic, and tongue-in-cheek alternatives to the common card.

Please take a look at the descriptions to make sure they are for you because they are not for everyone. I’m cool with that.

If you have the kind of sense of humour I have, you’ll like them.



New cards are being added all the time and if you have a specific occasion but don’t see it represented, feel free to reach out. I might ignore you, but the invitation is on the table.

Please feel free to share the shop around and keep them in mind the next time your friend is getting married or having a baby or having a birthday you forgot about. I’ll get you through it. it’s the least I could do.


the least I could do; greeting card etsy page

I’ve been working on a little side project for a while and it is almost ready to go. I’m hoping to open my etsy shop of handmade  greeting cards this week and I am super excited about it.

(Is that the most Vancouver-y thing I’ve ever said? Probably.)

A while back I bought an old typewriter and started making one-off cards for friends for birthdays, valentine’s day, etc. And I really liked it and apparently so did everyone else (at least that’s what they told me). So I got my hands on some recycled Kraft Paper cards and envelopes and started making a bunch of them for the shop. So it has taken a while but I’ve got a stack to get things started and I am pretty excited about it.IMG_6069

It’s called “the least I could do” and it is going to be the greatest and most versatile card shop you’ve ever seen.

redbird blog LOGO_stamp

It features cards that say exactly what you mean, not some flowery nonsense that sounds nice but doesn’t really mean anything.
Someone you know had a birthday? Fine.
Your cousin graduated highschool? Cool, so do a lot of people.
Get the card that says exactly what you mean: that society dictates we are required to exchange cards at certain occasions whether you like it or not. These are those cards.

happy birthday/I guess FRONThappy birhtday I guess INSIDEI will let you know when the shop opens, next week hopefully, at which point I will be flooded with orders and will make my first million dollars. Get in on it!

Stay tuned….


go do this; surfers & makers pop-up shop

Have you ever been to Tofino?

If you have, you’ll know how unique and beautiful it is and it probably holds a special little place in your heart and memory.

If you haven’t been to Tofino, I’ve got a great cheater option for you this weekend that you should probably put on your calendars to check out: the Surfers & Makers Collective Gallery and Pop-Up Market featuring works by Tofino artisans, photographers, jewellers, and makers.


There is going to be some gorgeous work on display and for sale at the 3-day event, including my favourite thing, leather bags, by Market Canvas, which happens to be my very best friend JB’s pride and joy.

(And they’re effing beautiful. I’m saving my pennies for the Black Leather Diaper Bag (I probably won’t use it for diapers but I love that it was created with Moms-who-still-have-rad-style in mind). If you can’t make it to the market, check out her online shop at


Tofino Brewing will be there serving their (truly) delicious brew and the Tacofino Food truck will be filling up bellies as well. Check the details in the poster above.

Come by for a taste of the outer coast and get your hands on some unique, handmade, beautiful things that you can’t find elsewhere. Support local art! Support local beer! Support handmade quality! And then probably go to Tofino.