copywriting portfolio

This blog represents a personal love for storytelling: creating content for personal projects, helping friends and associates promote their projects, and writing for the simple sake of enjoyment.

Additionally, in 2015, myself and two alumni from VCAD started the Fashion Hags Podcast and I took over the content of the website as well as much of the social media content. Most of the personal writing I have done since then is devoted to the podcast which is a source of passion and pride.

Professionally, I have been an official (and unofficial) copywriter and/or editor for both Chloe Angus Design and The Sleep Shirt. Examples include:

  • Product descriptions
  • Press releases
  • ‘About Us’ and other customer facing brand content 
  • SEO/meta-descriptions
  • Email marketing
  • other internal and external projects as they arise
  • Above all, storytelling

Below is a brief selection copywriting and editing examples:


Some personal favourite content includes the Superbowl 50 Best and Worst Dressed List, Please Don’t: Ugly Christmas Sweaters, and Episode 25: The Real Deal Inside the Fur Industry.
For examples of material that can’t be published publicly, I am happy to discuss in person. Please feel free to reach out to

My CV can be found here.