where have I been?

Oh hey Suite readers, it’s been some time since I’ve been around! So sorry, gang.

The last few months have been pretty wild – for example, I eloped in Vegas at the end of February during a month-long trip through the western US – and I have been focussing more on the Fashion Hags Podcast which has been a total blast. (PS – if you want to hear about the wedding and the elopement, listen to Episode 11!)


I could talk for ages about our trip but I’m not going to. But I will share a bit of a thing I did which was take a photo of each state sign as we passed through them. The only ones I missed were Washington (because of the Canadian border and also somehow on the way back), Nevada (partial credit – see below), and Utah because we drove in the dark. Check it out! Why not, you’re here already.


Anyhoo, I am going to try and get my shit together to write a bit more these days and sorry for taking so long to get back here. In the meantime, subscribe to the podcast if you want to hear more about the fashion industry and how dumb it can be and also why we love it and also for a laugh or two and what we are obsessed with and also other fun stuff.






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