podcast: the real deal inside the fur industry

I am pretty excited about how our little Fashion Hags Podcast is doing and I’m especially happy with our most recent episode about the Fur Industry.

(You can listen to it here: EPISODE 25 / RSS FEED: http://fashionhags.libsyn.com/rss)

We have wanted to do a podcast about this topic for some time and it is a big part of the Canadian fashion landscape (and history – Canada was born out of the fur trade) as well as a part of Evan’s personal history. It was important for us to get it right as it is such a controversial issue so we asked the help of our former teacher and fur expert, Alexandra Suhner Isenberg to help us out. And you know what? I really think we nailed it.


If you are at all interested, please give the episode a listen and keep an open mind if you are anti-fur or even just curious about the ethics of the industry. If you have any questions after listening, please reach out but please listen to the episode first and don’t be a dick about it, even if you feel very strongly about this topic.

Check out the recap at the Fashion Hags Podcast blog for more links and make sure to subscribe on iTunes! It really makes a difference as well as makes us feel super badass and important. If you like what you hear, write a review! Okthanksbye.


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