Widow: A Comedy at vancouver fringe

I’ve been out of the Fringe loop for a couple years but last night I had the pleasure of attending my first play of the season.


Widow: A Comedy was written by Keith Opatovsky and directed by Aaron MacCallum, both of whom  you may remember from Idle Minds Comedy a few years back. In fact, there were a few familiar faces on stage (and off) and it was great to see them doing what they do best: performing original work for the comedy-loving masses.

Jumping into themes of marriage, fidelity, friendship, and love (requited and otherwise), Widow is a funny exploration of the lines that get crossed in these tricky life trials. It is at times more serious than funny and yet the dialogue and performances of the cast bring wit and charm back to the fore – especially Kalvin Olafson’s delightfully naive character and Marcel Perro and Amy Auchstaetter’s crass yet hilarious banter.

If you are looking for a smart, funny, comedy with the right mix of depth and introspection, look no further. Showtimes are above, tickets are available here.

Support local art! Especially art that makes you laugh.




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