movember: skullcandy team. donate, won’t you?

Hi I’m Katie and I’m here to ask you for some money.

It’s not for me!

But it will make me feel good and help those handsome men we all love and doesn’t it feel good to make people feel good? I think so.

First of all, if you don’t know what Movember is, check out their website where they can explain all the good things they are doing for men’s health – specifically men’s cancers and mental health.

I have joined the Movember movement this year as part of the Skullcandy Team to help the foundation raise money and awareness for mens’ mental health. Skullcandy is participating in the MOVE Challenge as part of the MOVE Network to change the face of men’s health and I think that’s a great idea. (Learn more here.)

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 3.27.26 PM.png

Here’s why.

Earlier this year, a really terrific person and a really great friend to my husband and our circle lost his battle with depression and took his life. I never want to see that happen again. I don’t want to bog you down with statistics but in the minute since you have started reading this, another man has died from suicide.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 3.28.10 PM.png

So I am asking you to help me help the Movember Foundation lower the rate of suicide in men by 25% by 2030. You can help by donating to the Skullcandy Team, donating to my page directly, or by getting involved however works best for you. At the very least, please check out the website to learn more about men’s health, both physical and mental, and start a conversation.

We love men and we want to keep them around. Besides, who else is going to kill that spider you saw in the bathroom?

ps- all pics are from the Movember Foundation website.


podcast: the real deal inside the fur industry

I am pretty excited about how our little Fashion Hags Podcast is doing and I’m especially happy with our most recent episode about the Fur Industry.

(You can listen to it here: EPISODE 25 / RSS FEED:

We have wanted to do a podcast about this topic for some time and it is a big part of the Canadian fashion landscape (and history – Canada was born out of the fur trade) as well as a part of Evan’s personal history. It was important for us to get it right as it is such a controversial issue so we asked the help of our former teacher and fur expert, Alexandra Suhner Isenberg to help us out. And you know what? I really think we nailed it.


If you are at all interested, please give the episode a listen and keep an open mind if you are anti-fur or even just curious about the ethics of the industry. If you have any questions after listening, please reach out but please listen to the episode first and don’t be a dick about it, even if you feel very strongly about this topic.

Check out the recap at the Fashion Hags Podcast blog for more links and make sure to subscribe on iTunes! It really makes a difference as well as makes us feel super badass and important. If you like what you hear, write a review! Okthanksbye.

Widow: A Comedy at vancouver fringe

I’ve been out of the Fringe loop for a couple years but last night I had the pleasure of attending my first play of the season.


Widow: A Comedy was written by Keith Opatovsky and directed by Aaron MacCallum, both of whom  you may remember from Idle Minds Comedy a few years back. In fact, there were a few familiar faces on stage (and off) and it was great to see them doing what they do best: performing original work for the comedy-loving masses.

Jumping into themes of marriage, fidelity, friendship, and love (requited and otherwise), Widow is a funny exploration of the lines that get crossed in these tricky life trials. It is at times more serious than funny and yet the dialogue and performances of the cast bring wit and charm back to the fore – especially Kalvin Olafson’s delightfully naive character and Marcel Perro and Amy Auchstaetter’s crass yet hilarious banter.

If you are looking for a smart, funny, comedy with the right mix of depth and introspection, look no further. Showtimes are above, tickets are available here.

Support local art! Especially art that makes you laugh.



bag love: market canvas

While I am hesitant to use the phrase “back to school” regarding to this time of year, I am going to anyway. But only as it pertains to the shopping-happy people of my tribe who are desperate for new Fall items that aren’t “statement furs” or “velvet everything” as everything seems to be this season.

I alway want need a new bag for school/work/end of summer/various other reasons so I am keen to direct your attention away from the “back to school” sales at, well, basically everywhere, to a little company based in Tofino that makes the most amazing, simple, classic, quality leather bags this side of whatever side you are on.

slideshow_1.jpgMarket Canvas is a teeny little enterprise started by a multi-talented super creative gal in Tofino, BC for elegant free spirits and fashionable laid-back ladies. They are all made by hand in a lovely little studio (that you should stop by if you are in Tuff City) and are the perfect solution to the desperate need to acquire new, luxurious, fresh, and autumn-y pieces when the weather shifts.

Plus, they meet my criteria for a Good Smart Purchase (GSP):
– Made in Canada
– Made using natural materials that won’t haunt some landfill for ten thousand years
– Is useful and will be used
(I try and follow these guidelines when making a new purchase these days. It doesn’t always happen but when it does, I get to feel great about parting with money. Bonus points if you have a real connection to either the maker, the seller, or the company in general. You’ll take better care of your purchases when that happens!)


My new fave is the Mini Bag // Clutch // Wallet ($150) because obviously:


Check out her website for more style and colours and spend your money wisely on GSPs for “school” this year and support local designers! Feel good and buy Good!



where have I been?

Oh hey Suite readers, it’s been some time since I’ve been around! So sorry, gang.

The last few months have been pretty wild – for example, I eloped in Vegas at the end of February during a month-long trip through the western US – and I have been focussing more on the Fashion Hags Podcast which has been a total blast. (PS – if you want to hear about the wedding and the elopement, listen to Episode 11!)

I could talk for ages about our trip but I’m not going to. But I will share a bit of a thing I did which was take a photo of each state sign as we passed through them. The only ones I missed were Washington (because of the Canadian border and also somehow on the way back), Nevada (partial credit – see below), and Utah because we drove in the dark. Check it out! Why not, you’re here already.


Anyhoo, I am going to try and get my shit together to write a bit more these days and sorry for taking so long to get back here. In the meantime, subscribe to the podcast if you want to hear more about the fashion industry and how dumb it can be and also why we love it and also for a laugh or two and what we are obsessed with and also other fun stuff.





Super Bowl 50: Best and Worst Dressed List

Yesterday was one of Fashion’s biggest events of the year: the Super Bowl!


This year’s event was played at fashion favourite Levi’s stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers (a team that was ironically not even invited to the event). It also marked the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl itself and the 2nd anniversary of me actually watching it.

While I was disappointed the Red Carpet event was not televised, there were plenty of outfits to mock, judge, and criticize in this fashion mega-event of the year.

Top 5 Worst Dressed

1) The Carolina Panthers:


Proportion, proportion, proportion. Is it just me or do all of these guys look a bit top-heavy? Trying to balance out the volume on top with a light coloured pant didn’t work for me this time, boys, and the stripes down the side of the hips only attracts attention to problem areas.

2) The Denver Broncos


Orange as a highlight colour can be really effective. But when your whole squad shows up at the same event in the same tone? Too much of a good thing.
Also, I can’t help but notice that each member of the team has a different number on their jerseys – something the Panthers are guilty of as well – which begs the question: aren’t you all on a team? Where’s the consistency? Another disappointing choice.

3) Chris Martin


Hey Chris, did you forget you would be sharing a stage with Beyonce today? For me, this is a major miss from tie-dyed head to basketball shoe toe.  This is professional football, Chris, not a casual afternoon of “footy”.

4) Bruno Mars


Divisive call, I know, but this look just didn’t do it for me (although I applaud wearing Versace to an NFL event).
Isn’t that a baseball shirt? And a gold chain? Bruno, this is the Super Bowl, not the World Series.
For me, it was a bit too big league for the wrong sport, don’t you think?  A real swing and a miss.
You really struck out on this one.

5) The Super Bowl 50 Champions


This look says, “I won the Super Bowl and I all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”
Come on, NFL, a branded t-shirt? How riveting.
Where are the gold-lapel blazers? Where are the sequin vests and lamé tuxedo pants? Really missed an opportunity to “wow” here and frankly, it’s a disappointment.

Top Five Best Dressed

1) Lady Gaga


Gaga literally shines in this exquisite ensemble. The hair, the eyeshadow, the platform American-flag heels; it’s the perfect combination of professionalism, poise, and glitter. This look basically says, “America loves America and I’m going to kick this anthem’s fucking ass.” Amen, Gaga.

2) Beyoncé


Because obviously.
Perfection from head to toe, not to mention a tasteful homage to Michael Jackson in his Super Bowl heyday. Is there anything this Queen can’t do?

3) Beyoncé’s back-up dancers


These girls have one hell of a fearless leader and used this opportunity to send a powerful political message: high-waisted short shorts aren’t going anywhere. They’re here, they’re high, get used to it. You do not want to fuck with this squad.


4) This Guy


Not sure who he is but he’s an MVP or something. That’s beside the point.
The point is he brought his A game to the big game and this look is boss.
Most Valuable Player? Try Most Valuable Dresser.
This is what the NFL should have handed out to the Champion team instead of those lame t-shirts.

5) Clete Blakeman, Referee


It’s a myth that vertical stripes make the body appear slimmer; the truth is that vertical stripes are very difficult to wear without looking like a circus tent. In these instances, more often than not, the “dress wears you.”
However, this dreamy first-time Super Bowl official (#HotRef) pulled off this tricky look with ease as he clearly has control of this outfit. The edgy, geometric hand jewelry make a bold but effective accessory choice and I foresee many best-dressed lists for this poised up-and-comer.
I hope you liked my picks for this year’s fashion event of the season! Feel free to comment on who you think wore it best (or worst!) and see you in the off-season!






bye bye 2015! the year of the Hag.

Bye bye 2015, it’s been a real slice. I must say though, I’m pretty excited about 2016 and all the adventures I’m laying out.

Especially podcasting adventures. You can listen to Episode 5 of the Fashion Hags Podcast right now on iTunes (or wherever you get ’em) and follow along on the blog here.

Thanks one million times for all the kind words and support Abby and Evan and myself have received. It feels pretty effing rad to do this little fun thing and see that people seem to enjoy it. So thanks.


Have a great NYE and see you in 2016!




tomorrow! episode 2; fashion hags podcast

We are not just a flash in the pan!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Episode 2 of the Fashion Hags Podcast where we chat about the inclusivity of ladies and gays in the Fashion Industry. Also shoes because obviously.

And thanks to the Metro for a mention in yesterday’s paper! We are officially a thing!


Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and check out the Fashion Hags Podcast Blog for all the links, images, and streaming.



please don’t; ugly christmas sweaters

Our hangovers from Halloween have barely faded and we are already being inundated with Christmas ads, sales, promotions, and products. (Can it at least wait until after Remembrance Day? Have we no respect? I digress.)

But today while scrolling social media I saw a bunch of ads right after another for a troubling and wasteful trend that has gained momentum in the last few years that really bugs me: Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

don't look this up

I have a few questions about the biology involved here (not to mention what happened to their legs?)

I should rephrase: new Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

I’m not talking about the sweater your Mom or Gramma has had in her closet since 1986 that she wears every year to make pie on Christmas Eve. That sweater is fine – chances are it was made with the best of intentions by a member of your actual family. (In fact there are some people scouring thrift stores and making good money capitalizing on this fun fad in a relatively harmless way. Not all, but some.)

I’m talking about going to Target or Wal-Mart or Forever 21 and buying a cheap, fad-driven garment that was made overseas likely without regard to the people who actually provided the very cheap labour.
I’m talking about getting an invite to an Ugly Sweater Party and not going to find a funky old one at a local thrift store, but rather, throwing $49 into the pockets of a huge conglomerate to increase the demand for cheaply made, fad-driven, intentionally crappy clothing.

a classy and timeless example.

The worst part for me is that once this fad falls off (which it will), there will be a huge pile of synthetic garbage to throw away into a landfill once it leaves your closet. At some point your sweater will snag or start to fall apart (because it is cheap and crappy) or – gasp! – the hilarious graphic of Santa peeing Merry Christmas into the snow won’t be funny anymore.

I know it seems hard to believe, but at some point, this might not be as funny as you initially thought.

I know it seems hard to believe, but at some point, this might not be as funny as you first thought.

Christmas is always a time for getting together with friends and family to celebrate the season. It’s also a time for massive, unnecessary spending. This year, instead of contributing to a shitty trend, be cognizant of where your money is going and what kind of demand you are creating. Try looking on etsy for handmade versions (and check to see that it’s handmade, don’t be fooled by the etsy logo) or find good quality sweaters that you’ll actually want to keep, like Dale Of Norway, or Woolrich. 

Dale of Norway Sweater

Dale of Norway Sweater


Woolrich Sweater

This year, focus your money in responsible ways; if you still want that fun sweater, go out and find one at a thrift store or ask your Gramma for one of hers (she has one). Or, better yet, go and make one yourself – then you’ll see exactly how much work goes into making clothes and maybe you’ll think twice before adding that stripper elf sweater to your shopping cart.


fashion hags podcast; now on iTunes

andre everything right

Great news!

The Fashion Hags Podcast is now live on iTunes!

Now you can subscribe and carry us around in your pocket all day long. We’ll help make your shitty morning commute that much less unbearable.

Thanks for such a warm response and feel good vibes on the release; we hope you’ll stick around for the next episodes and help keep this thing afloat!