bag love: market canvas

While I am hesitant to use the phrase “back to school” regarding to this time of year, I am going to anyway. But only as it pertains to the shopping-happy people of my tribe who are desperate for new Fall items that aren’t “statement furs” or “velvet everything” as everything seems to be this season.

I always want need a new bag for school/work/end of summer/various other reasons so I am keen to direct your attention away from the “back to school” sales at, well, basically everywhere, to a little company based in Tofino that makes the most amazing, simple, classic, quality leather bags this side of whatever side you are on.


Market Canvas is a teeny little enterprise started by a multi-talented super creative gal in Tofino, BC for elegant free spirits and fashionable laid-back ladies. They are all made by hand in a lovely little studio (that you should stop by if you are in Tuff City) and are the perfect solution to the desperate need to acquire new, luxurious, fresh, and autumn-y pieces when the weather shifts.

Plus, they meet my criteria for a Good Smart Purchase (GSP):
– Made in Canada
– Made using natural materials that won’t haunt some landfill for ten thousand years
– Is useful and will be used
(I try and follow these guidelines when making a new purchase these days. It doesn’t always happen but when it does, I get to feel great about parting with money. Bonus points if you have a real connection to either the maker, the seller, or the company in general. You’ll take better care of your purchases when that happens!)


My new fave is the Mini Bag // Clutch // Wallet ($150) because obviously:


Check out her website for more style and colours and spend your money wisely on GSPs for “school” this year and support local designers! Feel good and buy good!




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