super rad; domenico gnoli paintings

“Attention to detail” was one of the traits required for the fashion design program in which I am currently enrolled. Being able to see, focus, plan, and execute details is one of the most important aspects of fashion design – indeed, any kind of design – and those who do it will understand what an important role it plays. Attention to detail is often the thing that makes us crazy, makes us take out seam after seam, topstitch after topstitch, zipper after zipper, in order to get it right. Attention to detail often means no stitch can be out of place, no line thickness uneven, no colour mismatched. Attention to detail takes time.

And most of the time, people on the outside, never notice. Often, attention to detail, is the mark of quality.

But I’m losing track of my point, which is this: I urge you to check out the paintings of Domenico Gnoli on Trendland and in W Magazine because he blows up the detail of the familiar to larger than life and forces you to see the minutae. And beauty, turns out, is all in the details:

Beautiful, non?
Part of what makes these works remarkable is that there are so few of them; Gnoli died at such a young age (36 in 1969) and many of his paintings are owned by private collectors. If you are interested in his life and work, check out the W article as a jumping-off point.

Please please please click on any one of the pics to see more (from either Trendland or W Magazine) and take a closer look at the familiar. Maybe take a closer look at your tie, too, next time to wrap it around your neck; I know a lot of wonderfully creative people who see great beauty in detail and quality in the minute.

All images by Domenico Gnoli © 2012. Click the photo for the image source. 




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